Anglo saxon writing alphabet with dots

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Old English: The Language of the Anglo-Saxons

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History of the alphabet

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Futhorc: The Anglo-Saxon Runes & Runology

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So also the circle with a dot in the center, s, is the first letter of sol and of sunu, the two Ancient Norse names of the sun. Later rune alphabets exist using the Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhark alphabets.

Egyptian God Anubis Mask Template

You will notice many letters are very similar to modern english. That is because runes independently influenced anglo-saxon letters and were also originally derived from old Italic and Greek alphabets. Old English; Anglo-Saxon: Ænglisc, Englisc, Anglisc: A detail of the first page of the Beowulf manuscript, showing the words "ofer hron rade", translated as "over the whale's road (sea)".

It is an example of an Old English stylistic device, the kenning. letters, as well as in the variable direction of the writing. This would This alphabet has become known as the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. In Scandinavia, the Elder Futhark remained in use until some time around the eighth century (the The Runic Journey: day -.

Anglo-Saxon runes are runes used by the early Anglo-Saxons as an alphabet in their writing. The characters are known collectively as the futhorc (or fuþorc).

To be consistent with other vowels of the alphabet, it should have two dots (an umlaut) over it. However, since this sound /ae/ like the "a" in "fat cat" is one of the msot frequent in the Azeri language.

Anglo saxon writing alphabet with dots
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Futhorc: The Anglo-Saxon Runes & Runology | Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids