Baumol s sales revenue maximization

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Baumol’s Sales Revenue Maximization Model

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Baumol’s Managerial Theory of Sales Revenue Maximization

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According to Baumol, managerial motive for maximisation of revenue is mainfold. Firstly, salary and perquisites of managers are linked to revenue of firms. Secondly, status of business houses largely depends on its sales [ ].

Useful Notes on Baumol’s Revenue Maximisation Model. here the objective of the firm is assumed to be maximisation of money value of sales and not total quantity of sales. Revenue Maximisation Model without Profit Constraint: Baumol’s model is based on total revenue curve. We know that for an oligopolistic, TR is inverted U-shaped (see.

Manager's salary and other benefits are largely linked with sales volumes, rather than profits. Baumol hypothesised that managers often attach their personal prestige to the company's revenue or sales; therefore they would rather attempt to maximise the firm's total revenue, instead of profits. Baumol's Theory of Sales Revenue Maximisation Prof.

Baumol, in his book 'Business behaviour, Value and Growth' has propounded a theory of Sales Maximisation. Main aim of a firm is to maximise sales. Baumol’s sales maximisation theory has some important implications which make it superior to the profit maximisation model of the firm.

1. The sales maximising firm prefers larger sales to profits. Since it maximises its revenue when MR is zero, it will charge lower prices than that charged by the profit maximising firm.

2. BAUMOL's Sales Revenue Maximization Model states that: It aims on the number of justifications for the sales revenue maximization objective as opposed to profit maximization. The more important ones are: Management Priorities -Managers are more likely to be concerned with utility maximization on their part than profit maximization .

Baumol s sales revenue maximization
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Baumol's Sales or Revenue Maximisation (With Diagram)