How to write a classical song with cannons

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Do you know of any classical songs that have multiple melodies at the same time???

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A canon of two voices may be called a canon in two, similarly a canon of x voices would be called a canon in x. This terminology may be used in combination with a similar terminology for the interval between each voice, different from the terminology in the following paragraph.

can·non (kăn′ən) n. pl. cannon or can·nons 1. A large mounted weapon that fires heavy projectiles. Cannon include guns, howitzers, and mortars.

2. The loop at the top of a bell by which it is hung. 3. A round bit for a horse. 4. Zoology The section of the lower leg in some hoofed mammals between the hock or knee and the fetlock, containing the  · This week it’s time to find your range, come out with all guns blazing with songs about bullets, guns, cannons, bows and arrows.

Gun culture arguments and more, let’s shoot from the hip Care to choose a playlist from songs nominated and write something about it? and several major classical works, but where is it used in  · The Long, Loud History of Gunshots in Music.

Bill Withers' song "Better Off Dead" ends with a loud shotgun report. Submit a letter to the editor or write to [email protected]:// I am starting to learn about music theory and today it hit me how do classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven are able to write music for instruments they don't play, such as (for example purpose) timpani or trumpet.

· China's Age of Invention Printing, paper money, porcelain, tea, restaurants, gunpowder, the compass—the number of things that Chinese of the Song Dynasty (A.D. ) gave to the world is

Canon (music) How to write a classical song with cannons
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