Johannes vermeer paintings a lady writing a paper

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Johannes Vermeer's A Lady Writing

A Lady Writing is signed with a monogram on the lower frame of the picture on the back wall, but like most Vermeer paintings, it is not dated. The painting style and technique, as well as the woman’s costume and hairdo, however, relate to other works that appear to belong to the artist’s mature phase, in the mid-to-late s.

A Lady Writing, c.

A Lady Writing

by Johannes Vermeer - Buy A Lady Writing, c. Paper Art Print - National Gallery of Art - Custom Prints Shop. A Lady Writing - Johannes Vermeer was a Dutch Baroque painter who specialized in exquisite, domestic interior scenes of middle class life.

Vermeer worked slowly and with great care, using bright colours and sometimes expensive pigments, with a preference for cornflower blue and yellow.

A Lady Writing a Letter (also known as A Lady Writing; Dutch: Schrijvend meisje) is an oil painting attributed to 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

It is believed to have been completed around The Lady is seen to be writing a letter and has been interrupted, so gently turns her head Medium: oil. Some of the Vermeer paintings I’d hoped to see when I went to the exhibit it San Francisco, and some the most famous paintings of Caravaggio, whose technique, style, and dramatic lighting strongly influenced the Dutch Masters, including Vermeer.

Vermeer, Johannes: Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman (also called The Music Lesson), oil on canvas by Johannes Vermeer, c.

–65; in Buckingham Palace, London, England.

Johannes vermeer paintings a lady writing a paper
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A LADY WRITING by Johannes Vermeer