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My dug and I will take responsibility of my time. Old Woman Magoun is the protagonist in this story; she is also a very complex character with many layers of personality to consider.

She has devoted herself to raising and sheltering her granddaughter. Throughout Lily's childhood, Magoun's determination to protect Lily has been centered on keeping the child secluded.

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Apr 29,  · Old Woman Magoun lives in Barry’s Ford somewhere in New England with her granddaughter, Lily. Lily’s mother (Old Woman Magoun’s daughter) died during childbirth and Lily’s father is a prominent figure in Barry’s Ford and doesn’t want anything to do with Lily. "Old Woman Magoun" is about a grandmother's care for her vulnerable and innocent granddaughter, Lily.

She successfully protects Lily from her degenerate father until she reaches the age of fourteen, when a chance meeting forces Old Woman Magoun to make a terrible choice.

In "Old Woman Magoun," by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, the old woman is in that position.

She is burdened with relinquishing custody of her granddaughter, Lily, to the child's father. Throughout the story, the old woman faces an inner struggle over caring for and, ultimately, losing her granddaughter.

Old Woman Magoun Old woman magoun
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