Punjab university old papers

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Past Papers

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Punjab University B.com Part 2 Past Papers 2017

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Mar 10,  · BA English Punjab University (also other universities) Lecture for solution of Past papers about translation and correction of sentences.

Professor Muhammad Amin. B.A Past Papers of Punjab University. Punjab University B.A subject Past examination papers. Paper for B.A Old examination papers. past papers of PU Lahore for B.A subjects Journalism, English, Punjabi, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies.

Past 5 years examination papers of B.A subject paper A, B and Optional Papers. MA English Part 2 Complete Past Papers PU 1 – Poetry II – MA English Part 2 2 – Drama II – MA English Part 2 3 – Novel II – MA English Part 2 4 – Literary Criticism – MA English Part 2 5 – Short Stories – MA English Part 2 6 – Linguistics – MA English Part 2 7.

Punjab University. Punjab University past papers of all subjects in last 5 years. Old papers of University of Punjab for BA, MA, B ed, B Com, Bsc, Msc, wowinternetdirectory.com, Mphill and Phd and all other degrees. Punjab University or PU past papers of last five years will hep students succeed their exam in all departments of old and new campus.

Bachelors Past Papers of Punjab University are available here. Here Pakistani students can get PU Lahore BA/BSc/wowinternetdirectory.com LLB Past Papers. PU Sample Papers Download University of the Punjab. University of the Punjab offers a wide range of study programs.

The university PU programs ranges from bachelor level to postgraduate sudies.

Punjab university old papers
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