Rewrite a rational exponent

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Powers, Exponents, Radicals (Roots), and Scientific Notation

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These rules will help to simplify radicals with different indices by rewriting the problem with rational exponents.

Algebra Examples

Here are the new rules along with an example or two of how to apply each rule: The Definition of: this says that if the exponent is a fraction, then. Ask Math Questions you want answered Share your favorite Solution to a math problem Share a Story about your experiences with Math which could inspire or help others.

Rational Polynomial Defined. The word 'rational' means 'fraction.' So a rational polynomial is a fraction with polynomials in the numerator (top) and/or denominator (bottom).

Math Word Search Puzzles

Here's an example of. After completing this tutorial, you should be able to: Rewrite a rational exponent in radical notation. Simplify an expression that contains a rational exponent. Rewrite the rational exponent as a radical. 5 to the 3 over 4 power, to the 2 over 3 power the cube root of 5 squared the twelfth root of 5**** the square root of /5(20).

Rewrite a rational exponent
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Writing Radicals in Rational Exponent Form